Style Theory || Inspired Dressing


Let's talk about INSPIRATION. Have you ever listened to a designer be interviewed after their show where they talk about what inspirations they drew from when creating the collection? It can be anything from fruit to revolutionaries. If you follow Josep Font, the Creative Director of Delpozo, on Instagram he posts these beautiful side-by-sides of a Delpozo piece next to the inspiration. Flared fins of a fish are translated into flounces on a minidress, bright colorings on a bird turn into statement coats, a mushroom becomes a sculptural ensemble. 

I pull from all different areas for inspiration when putting together looks: literature, painting, cities, history, film. This season I've been feeling a very specific inspiration for my outfits: Miss Honey in Paris. Yes, I've been feeling sartorially inspired by Matilda and Madeline, respectively. Feminine florals, midi length dresses, ladylike pieces in relaxed shapes? Miss Honey had spring dressing DOWN in the 90s. Pretty never goes out of style and, right now, I'm loving everything lovely and charming. The Parisian element enters the look in the hat. Recognize it? It's basically the exact type of boater hat that our favorite French youngster wears (straw, raised brim, black bow). So this is what you'll find me in this spring: varying degrees of Miss Honey with varying degrees of Parisian flair. 

What's inspiring you this season? Is it a character? A photograph? Nature? Next time you're putting an outfit together, think about what draws you to that image and how you can incorporate those same elements into a look that still feels like you. This spring, I'm all about being inspired! 



The Rundown:
Dress: vintage Betsey Johnson
Hat: vintage
Heels: Enzo Angiolini. Similar here and here.

Photography: Jon Cospito