Tonal Dressing || Creamy Whites


If you can't tell, I've been on a tonal dressing kick. Keeping a whole look within the same color palette has been a fun exercise in subtly colorful dressing. This time around, I took a step back and turned the saturation allll the way down. 

I would put this look in The Creative Professional category again, but you know how I love versatility, so I could see this outfit working for date night, drinks with friends, even for an interview. The look is simple and conservative, but also highly chic, as layering creams and whites always is. I love how the ribbed cowl neck adds texture and coziness, which we're still going to need a little bit of for a while considering it's technically "spring" but still snowing out. Add gray slacks for that professional vibe, or make it more casual with gray jeans. And if you're really brave, go full tonal with taupe or cream colored bottoms. The world is your oyster!


Stylists Pro Tip: I love these Joie boots like crazy. They came with soft leather soles and I knew immediately that wouldn't work for NYC sidewalks and the amount I would wear them/how hard I am on my shoes. So before I wore them outside for the first time, I took them to the cobbler and had him add a protective half sole. They are plastic, waterproof, and add traction to the bottom of the shoe, making it better for everyday wear. Soft leather soles are great for evening shoes when you think you may be dancing and would thus need the ability to slide or turn in your shoes. For everyday shoes, that sliding ability is not as desirable. As you wear out the protective layer, it can always be replaced just as the bottom of heels can be replaced over time with repair tips


Photography: Jon Cospito