Pop-in Shopper || Tropical Summer Look

I have been living in one of my scores from my new favorite vintage shop, Lovefield Vintage. This pair of linen high-waisted shorts are the perfect length and a beautiful clean white for summer. I prefer my shorts longer - it makes them feel more formal - and high-waisted (as I prefer everything) to elongate my legs. The sunglasses I picked up in a consignment shop in Annapolis and are actually Juicy Couture from back in their heyday. I'm loving them for everyday and am also loving having a bit of aughts nostalgia perched on my face. They are not yet vintage - less than 20 years old - but are definitely a fun throwback.

The top is Ann Taylor, a surprising fact for those who think the brand is only mature office wear (it's so not! Some of my favoriteee pieces are from there). My closet is filled with items from all sorts of stores and brands because I believe you can find something amazing anywhere and this outfit is the perfect example. From vintage to consignment (Bruno Magli heels are from the same shop in Annapolis) to factory brands, and then a little bit of luxury with that same Rebecca Minkoff bralette I wore in this sizeless look, this outfit is a hodge podge of different stores and shopping trips. I'm always popping in to stores to see what they are offering. As a stylist it's important to know what the retail landscape looks like (what trends are we seeing in-store?) and to know where to buy things when a client or shoot requires a specific piece, you'll know exactly where to go to get it. So next time you're passing by a store that you think might not fit your style, pop in! You may be surprised where you find your next can't-live-without-it look.


Photography by Jon Cospito.